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I am a MEMBER !YaY! [Jan. 13th, 2004|11:19 pm]

[mood |thirstythirsty]
[music |Ahhhh no music! GOING PHSYCO!!!!!!!]

So okay I am a MEMBER !YaY! Well hello everyone who is lucky not know me and hello to the rest of you who are mu buddies! My name would not be Bob it would be Noelle. I really love music and I cannot go for an hour without music playing around me or a go phsyco. I was brought up on a million different types of music but when I was younger my favorites would be like the Beach Boys and anything fast enough for me to spin around in my living room to for hours. Now I like just about every single type of music there is. (Most Rap could die) (R&B could fall in love with the raod) (Pop music should never, have even ever been counted as any sort of music) So I must say that the very first time that I met a dead musician was at Wild Wood christain camp and I met John Lennon and most of the other Beatles. It would be Jessica that introduced me to them, she seemed to have known them for an awfully long time, and they seemed to be good old pals. And then Jessica and John Lennon just kept walking down the road talking like it was just the normal thing to do. So that was the first time I met a dead musician. (Yes I know I write to much in all my entrys) Anyways here in Wolcott there aren't to many sightings of many dead musicains which is a sad sad thing because they actually can be lots of fun. I did get to see John Lennon a few more times, Actually he performed at the middle school concert here last winter and it was a jolly time following him around and asking him what it was like to be dead. And then there was that one time when I had a bit of a blonde moment and me and Jeeves (My teddy bear) saw Beethoven (You know like the famous composer) (You must know) well anyhoo me and Jeeves ran over to tell him that we enjoyed playing his music on the piano and I kept rambeling on so like I always do until I realized "DUH" Beethoven is deaf!!!!! HA you should have seen me try and make signs to him trying to say I was sorry for being an idiot, then me and Jeeves decided that we would point in the oppisite direction and look really scared and when he looked away RUN for the hills. Which when we got to the hills we realized that we were at Jimi Hendrix place and WOW even after death that guy is totaly stoned. I just had to ask him how it felt to drown in your own throw up and all he said was "There were alot of pritty colors" and then went back to smoking. Jimi Hendrix seemed to me to be a very good musician but just a little to spacy for me. Well I do believe that this is long enough (To long) for my first entry but I got excited about being a MEMBER !YaY! so I will have to tell you about more of mine and Jeeves adventures another day.
Oh yeah by the way Jessica and Ward this was a fun idea thanx for you guys being so smart to give me something to do.

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oops :O [Jan. 11th, 2004|11:39 pm]

[mood |embarrassedembarrassed]
[music |the doors:-D]

sorry i am a ditz...

my name is kari and i am 19... i live in new york... i grew up on "oldies" music like the beatles, queen, the doors... i love queen and i like the beatles, and i am always open to new musical experiences... any suggestions?

yay jessie and ward r cool and have a cool community :-D
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hmmm... [Jan. 11th, 2004|11:26 pm]

[mood |contentcontent]
[music |the doors:-D]

thats a tough one... my fav musician that is dead... i think i would hafta go with freddie mercury...

queen really was an amazing group and they wouldn't have been anything special without freddie... he had such an amazing voice- i used to be in love with him just cuz of his voice... then i found out he was dead and he would be really old now had he been alive...

i still think he is great tho, despite the bi-ness, aids, and all that... it is sad really... he had so much talent and beauty... ( i don't really like the facial hair or drag tho)

so yeah thanks jessie for the directions on how to post... hopefully this will work :-D
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(no subject) [Jan. 11th, 2004|02:40 pm]
hey there, i'm miss violet, just joined recently. why? because the ghost of brian jones lives in my basement.

thats not really true.

the ghosts of brian jones, george harrison, gram parsons, ronnie lane, keith moon and jimi hendrix live in my basement. and they're all having a wicked jam session as i type. in fact, the ghost of lester bangs is down there writing the review.

thankyou for your attention.
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new here! [Jan. 11th, 2004|12:19 am]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |"your bringin on the heartache"-def lepard]

hiya everyone! my name's Tiff and i'm 18. i loved classic rock since i was a little kid until now :) my fav bands are the who, the beatles, the doors, cream, aeromsith, the animals, etc...
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John Lennon or Jim Morrison? [Jan. 10th, 2004|11:37 am]

[mood |mellowmellow]
[music |Love Me Two Times- The Doors]

Hello! It's Jessica, one of your moderators. Thanks to everyone who has joined so far. And even more thanks for those who introduced themselves. Welcome!

Yesterday I purchaced my first Doors album. It is The Doors Legacy: The Absolute Best. Anyway, when I brought it home the first thing I did was say, "Look Ward!" And proceeded to show my brother the picture on the back of Jim Morrison without a shirt on. He's like, "Um...no."

But, the real point to this entry. When Mom and I got home, I shut the garage door because it was around -6 degrees f. VERY cold. We brought some groceries upstairs and that was the same point that I showed my brother my CD. When all three of us went downstairs the garage door was open. My Mom is like, "Didn't we shut it?" I said I thought so. Ward and I looked at each other and kind of laughed. We were like, was it John Lennon or Jim Morrison messing with our brains? Personally I think something blocked the censor and made the door go back up, or I really didn't shut it in the first place like I thought I did, but maybe not...

Peace and Love!
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Newbie :) [Jan. 8th, 2004|05:40 pm]

[music |"Pinball Wizard" - The Who]

Hey everyone, I'm new here, so I decided to do the intro post thingy :)

My name's Julie and I'm 19 years old. My favorite group is the Beatles, and I absolutely adore John Lennon. I've been drawn to him my entire life, according to my mom. She said I was able to pick him out from the other three Beatles at the age of 2. Go figure LOL

Aside from John Lennon, I also love Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, and Janis Joplin.

Well, that's about it I suppose. Peace, Love, and Rock-N-Roll to all

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(no subject) [Jan. 8th, 2004|01:28 pm]
[music |The Doors - "I Will Never Be Untrue"]

Yello! My name is Danielle. I am 20 and Jim Morrison is my dead musician of choice. I used to believe that I was meant to marry Kurt Cobain and than he killed himself, and I found out about Courtney Love, but a few years early I had begun a love affair with JIM and have been a faithful, greatful fan ever since. The only thing I can really tell you is that I pretty much know as much as I could possibly about the man. I live for the beat generation, I like to read, write poetry, paint, draw, make jewelery and study anything Native American. I have been fascinated with Native American cultures since I was about 10 years old... Yeah, so thats me - probably not the greatest introduction, but I am very excited to have joined this community with a steaming hot layout **oh Jim!** and I look forward to getting to know you all!
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John Lennon! [Jan. 8th, 2004|01:01 pm]

[mood |coldfreezing!]
[music |Just Push Play- Aerosmith]

Well since I'm one of the mods, I thought I would share my "John Lennon" story. My friend Mike one time told me a few interesting stories about weird things happening while listening to The Beatles with his friend Shane. Now, this was before George Harrison died, so he believed it to be the ghost of John Lennon. Things like all the cupboards opening up upstairs while he was downstairs and no one else was home. Also lights blinking and the CDs doing weird things.

Well, I was sharing these stories with my best friend Megan along with the "Paul is Dead" conspiracy. It freaked her out to say the least. So then I turned on a light, but I turned on the wrong switch so I went to turn on the other and blew a fuse.

So, Megan and I decided to go to her basement to listen to The Beatles on her CD player. As we were doing that, her Mom came down to the fuse box to fix the fuse. But, she must have knocked it or something because the power went out in the whole house. All except for Megan's CD player that is. Now, we really didn't think about it then, but realized soon afterwords that there were no batteries in the CD player so it should have gone off with the rest of the house. Also we know it is not that it started back up when the power came back on, because it played like nothing happened. As I said before we didn't realize until afterwords that that is what happened. Then, we were a little weirded out.

Well, thats my story!

Peace and Love!
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Hi!!!!!!!1111111111 [Jan. 7th, 2004|10:16 pm]

[mood |awakeawake]
[music |some VH1 classic stuff]

I am one of the other moderators cause I am half special. I am Ward, I like my hair. this is my journal

I like Bon Scott (dont really know much but he was part of AC/DC.) I think itd be COOL if people post in this community. I like this community. o I like other Musicians like John Lennon and George Harrison and Jim Morrison

Rock on and fight oppresion everywhere
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